Headphone Ear Protection Hack

This low-tech hack requires only the smallest bit of knowledge about wiring and absolutely no expertise beyond that whatsoever. The completed product is a combination of earmuff style ear protectors and audio headphones, allowing the user to listen to music or any other audio imput with hearing protection (I hook it up to my iPod or a guitar player's output feed to I can sinc up to the music while drumming). This is useful for mowing the lawn, or working on a project the requires both ear protection and background tunes.

Similar sound protection headphones are available from Amazon for about $60. I used cheap headphones that came with my portable CD player and Remington hunting ear-protectors from Sports Authority, bringing my total cost including materials to about $15.*

(Disclaimer: Do not use these while operating dangerous machinery or doing anything else that requires you to be focused and aware of your environment. Use common sense.)


First, gather the following:
- One pair of dispensable headphones
- One pair or ear protectors

Disassemble the headphones, pull off the foam covers, and remove the individual speakers from the headband. Then, cut the headphone cords where each individual ear cord comes together to made the full cord attached to the jack.
Remove the foam insulationfrom inside each ear-protector ear casing and drill a small hole at the bottom of each case.

Insert the ear cord wire through the opening in the ear protector, leaving the speaker end inside the ear casing. Replace foam sound insulation in ear caseing and fit the headphone speaker component inside the case. Repeat for the other ear. Now, strip the ends of ear headphone wire, along with the corrosponding ends of the headphone jack wire, and sodder or just twist the ends together again (and seal w/ electrical tape)

Finally, plug in your amp/iPod/CD player and enjoy!

*The variety of headphone and ear protection device designs make it impossible for me to give specific details about working with other types of materials. However, with a little imagination and some small changes, I'm sure almost all combinations of headphones and ear protectors could be combined to produce a simiar result. Good luck.